Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Review Of Jack Lalanne Juicers

Jack was born in 1914, California. By 1936 he had opened Americas first 'modern' health studio in Oakland. Times may have changed since then, but there is one thing that hasn't. Mr Lalanne was, and still is, a real juice enthusiast! You have probably seen him on the television, singing it's praises. So it only seems natural he would have his own product range. Things have certainly moved on since Jack was a lad, long past are the days of tricky manual extractors, that were nothing more than a glorified flower press! In 1988 he was got his own star at the "Hollywood Walk of Fame". He is a real success story and so are his juicers, with over one and a half million Jack Lalanne Juicers sold, worldwide.

All the models are approximately the same size, and have the same basic features: Surgical quality stainless steel blades: A powerful 3600RPM motor that practically works with a whisper (The motor also comes with a lifetime limited warranty). The 'Power Juicer' Classic, Express, Deluxe, Pro and Elite all have the same 'easy use' design, with an extra large feeder that will take most fruit and vegetables, without time consuming chopping or dicing.

They are dishwasher safe, with a detachable pulp collector, to keep life easy. A unique feature of Jacks range is the specially patented 'Extraction Technology' that means his models can produce up to thirty percent more than similar models. The 'Power Juicer Classic' and the 'Power Juicer Express' retail for around $100. The express includes a non-drip pourer and this model is more compact than the classic. The 'Power Juicer Deluxe' is the same size as the classic, 16x12x15.5 inches, and also has a non-drip pourer like the express. The main difference between it, and the classic or express, is the stainless steel finish. The Deluxe isn't much more expensive, retailing at around $120.

The 'Power Juicer Pro' has all the features of the 'deluxe' model and is the same size. It also benefits from a stainless steel mesh filter. The ultimate version of the Jack Lalanne Juicers is the 'Elite'. It offers the ultimate in excellent performance and durability. Despite the extra features it is only marginally bigger than the other designs. The Elite features 'SOY' precision technology, two powerful mechanisms, one for juicing and the other to produce great tasting milk alternatives and even nut butters.

The 'Power Juicer Pro' and the 'Power Juicer Elite' retail for around $150. All the models have some great built in safety features and replacement parts are readily available - available in handy kits, making it as easy as 1 2 3!

There are also some useful accessories, a 'power juicer platform', 'overflow platform', filter brush and measuring cup, everything you need to keep that juice coming! As if that isn't enough, everything is backed up by a sixty day, money back, guarentee.

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